Hashtag No Filter/ Style Study: Kadambari

“I am all about casual and convenience with a side of preppy.  I want my style to be unique and have a personality.  I’d wear a cheetah print t-shirt with blue jeans and cat eyes and flats; the ambition is to look in the mirror and say – Hey I look cool today.” Kadambari states playfully when asked about her personal style.

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Hashtag No Filter: A never ending WIP of style

Street Style Delhi: Hashtag no filter
I am one of those people whose first instinct in the morning is to reach out for her phone and keep scrolling on Instagram and Facebook until it seriously affects my morning routine. It was one of those days. I was tirelessly scrolling my morning away, only to be woken by three consecutive posts that I saw on Instagram. In the three posts, I saw three girls wearing the same item and looking like identical triplets.
Now, I am well aware of the fact that mass production has been shoved down our throats and systems so much that it’s normal to see every fourth girl embrace the same trend with a too-similar-and-not-my personality dress. But not to let my voice die in the sea of multiple identities that social media is and of course the average Delhi street is, I make sure that you see some ME – be it in the form of those earrings which are older than myself or a pair of glasses that scream I don’t belong to this city or age.
One belief inculcated by years of education in Social sciences is that the way we dress isn’t solely dependent on our love for a certain trend or print or colors or even influencers. It’s shaped deeply by the colors we liked when we were small or the way our parents dressed us up, the books we love, our views on society and how we choose to or not choose to identify with certain ideologies.
Hear me out, it’s not as complex as it is or I am making it out to be – you and I may choose to pick the same top from the same high street shop BUT our styles may be vastly different owing to our different experiences in life and how you and I are as people.
With these beliefs and ideas, we have set out to explore fashion as a means of expression of I, devoid of anything which it isn’t. We promise not to put anyone in the finished boxes of bohemian, classic, experimental or moody. But we swear to get into the skins of people without getting on to their nerves to understand what makes them the they are and the way they dress up.
Hashtag no filter is a novel concept born out of personal experience. We are going to understand style unfiltered and unfettered by trends and brands respectively. We plan on interviewing and shooting people on their choice of comfort food (read: outfits), what would they wear if they lived in the disco era of the 80s or to impress their mothers.

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Custom made Jeans in Delhi: An experience

Let’s not beat around the bush and put it right at the start – Aalok and I don’t believe that Denim is a trend. Sure, Denim has come a long way from being considered a muted classic to quite an earful drama queen. The Cool Girl/Boy Staple has stepped out of its comfort zone and comes in various shapes and forms – from frayed and flared to embellished and color blocked.

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Iconic Indian Ads: Amul Girl and Polkas

The girl with short hair, doe eyes and red cheeks strutting in a red polka dotted skirt appears fortnightly in newspapers and hoardings, commenting sometimes to others’ dismay whilst getting away with – “She is only a child.”

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