Street Style India in 2017 and its future.

Street Style India

After photographing over 365 people in 2017, we learned a lot about street style in its heavy literal sense. Those 365 days meant 365 different personal styles, hence different translations of the various summer and Winter Trends. Here is all that we learned about fashion, the trends that never were, identity in personal style and how prophetic a previous year could be. Let’s all treat it as subject matter of what could happen to Street Style in 2018-

  1. So far, we had seen a very west centered approach to trying trends. However, we met a lot of people whose take on trends had an echo of Indian culture. It has begun- individuals voicing their identities through style.
  2. Gone are those days when you could recognize somebody from their footwear. We are honestly sick of seeing THAT white shoe everywhere.The white shoe is overdone to death and deserves a tight lipped funeral.
  3. Off shoulders seemed to have died in 2016 itself, its funeral service took the whole of 2017.
  4. 2017 is a proof that you can never go wrong with a white T-shirt and blue denims. Basics are back, for good!
  5. Jeans didn’t mean only skinny or straight. Delhi embraced it all- flared, boot cut, frayed and all of its concoctions. Jeans now meant more room for creativity and other things.
  6. The concept of sunglasses being a summer accessory was successfully thrown out of the window.
  7. Polka dots and velvet are having their moment and we are only seeing more people take out their old polka and velvet dresses and tops( including us)
  8. We had maxed out all the reasons of wearing maxi skirts. We somewhere had a middle ground with midi skirts. But 2017 saw a willful return of the minis on the streets of Delhi- mostly paired with stockings. Let’s wait for what goes down in summer 2018
  9. Jeans under dresses was a practical trend. However, we could spot hardly anyone on the streets embracing the trend.
  10. Slip Dresses over tee made dressing up and dresses more comfortable and doable. The trend has put more dresses to work.

In retrospect, 2017 was a momentous year for Delhi’s Street Style. Delhi became aware of what it was wearing, we could easily see if trends were actually translating to the real runway (read: streets) from the fashion runway – the real embodiment of Fashion and its final consumption. Leave it on us to see what 2018 can be.

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