Street Style : Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2016

Street Style : The word which twirls around the notion of fashion week. On the ramp , a fashion week shows the trends which would take off the next season while off the ramp one can see if the last fashion week’s trends have actually touched ground or not. Below are some of our picks off the ramp of the Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2016.

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StreetStyle : Plaid or Tartan ?

StreetStyle : Plaid or Tartan?

It seems like every year in winter, entire Delhi dons plaid, or tartan ; mostly shirts and jackets rule the roost  . People often argue about the intricate differences between tartan and plaid , and how sometimes this difference should be left to the understanding of the Scottish, who are well, credited with its invention.Tartan is basically a woven cloth which is identified with different clans of highland society of Scotland. Tartan is often called plaid in North America, and we Indians, seem to follow suit.

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