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Written by: Dharini

It’s time we started thinking about how fashion and consumerism affect the planet. Seldom do we consider how environmentally polluting textiles production is. For instance, just one pair of regular jeans requires 3,625 liters of water – the same amount of water one person requires for basic survival for around 2.5 years, 3kg of chemicals which are highly toxic, carcinogenic and which poison our lands and people. It requires 400mj of energy which is like leaving a light bulb on for 166 days straight.

My views on sustainability were shaped when I was bombarded with this rather shocking information. It was quite shocking, to say the least, that, this very important information is kept away from the mainstream.


This information made me inculcate very easy and doable practices in my lifestyle to support sustainability.

These are my tips on how one can easily transition to a more conscious buyer and a consumer of fashion without buying/”consuming” more –

• Jazz up your outfits with classics from your mother’s and sisters’ wardrobes.
I and my mother even share our clothes. For instance, the dupatta/drape around my neck is something I co-own with her. Luckily, we also have the same garment size, so we share clothes too. Also, there’s a pair of Jeans which we both like and have come up with a co-sharing system for it- weekdays it is mine, weekends hers.
• Pass down pieces that you don’t wear so they get a new life in someone else’s wardrobe.
The pants that I am wearing here once belonged to my maternal grandmother which she wore for years and passed down to me. It’s not only beautiful but also very meaningful as each time I wear it, I cannot help but imagine her youth and how she must have worn them.
• Buy less and buy the best! Fast fashion harms the planet. So even if ethical and sustainable clothing is inaccessible to you and fast fashion is your last resort, make it last and always look for quality over quantity.
The tank top I am wearing here is a high street piece of clothing. I have been wearing it for years and plan on taking care of it for as long as I can.

street style india fashion blog

street style india fashion blog

Only Second to oil, fashion is the most polluting industry in the world. Every stage in a garment’s life threatens our planet and its resources. By simply being mindful of our fashion choices we are saving the planet buying one lesser t-shirt, jeans or a pair of shoes at a time.

street style india fashion blog

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