Frames in the city, edition 1

“It is yellow, adorned with foliage. Neither too bright, nor a dull sight- rather an amalgam of contradictions.”, a thought passes through my mind. The thought transforms into action,  and finally into a picture. Click.

Spotting people across the city, making our cameras our best friend, shedding all inhibitions-everything that we do on a daily basis. The whole pursuit has made us see beauty in every nook and frame of the city. Delhi is a city of people and frames.

While, the people side of the story is something we are able to exhibit in some way or the other, the ‘frame’ side which is our metaphor for story, is rather underexplored.

This Photo story is a humble beginning of a series of an unrevealed perspective, where we fuse fashion with Delhi and storytelling-a dyad’s take on Delhi sprinkled with some of their own street style.

The highlights of our very recent and humble adventure  have to be framing pink clouds with a pink building, last remnants of the joke spring in Delhi is, catching the last show ever of an iconic Delhi cinema, book whose cover made us dizzy with poetry doing so even more and lastly, a beautiful Delhi sunset.



3 spring

2 spring

4 spring

5 spring

6 spring


  1. - May 29, 2017 @ 3:57 am

    Keep this going please, great job!

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