Street Style Delhi feat. Preeti S Kapoor

Documenting style and fashion choices of the capital milieu for a year now, we can truly say it with confidence that there’s nothing like homogeneity when it comes to style of Delhi People. The fashion choices are more varied than one could have imagined even three years back . The whole idea of dressing up and making one’s clothes do the talking is as bigger as ever, courtesy the masses becoming the part of the fashion narrative. With clothes that have a story to tell one truly doesn’t need to speak.

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Five style resolutions we are making this year

We have all done it and are still “guilty” of doing it . Yes , I am talking about those new year resolutions we write down on that new year journal. Our optimistic sweet souls pen down our ambitions about joining a gym, learning a new skill- basically getting that change in our lives. This year, I’ve thought about making small and gradual changes in my life rather than trying to tackle all those resolutions at once. And if you’re anything like me , the resolve to put some style into perspective this year is equally important to cutting sugar and caffeine from my diet.
With some some help from people on the streets and some blogger friends, I decided to put all the ideas into one listicle that could serve some little inspiration to somebody out there :

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Wristwood and the olden days

Wristwood and the Olden days

I loved how he was; a perfect blend of everything old and new. And that is how he made me too. In two years of being with him, I had become a mirror image of him. I preferred eggs scrambled over boiled, tea over coffee, Xbox over brunches and late nights over my beauty sleep. I didn’t mind those conversations about cricket; in fact I had started liking them.

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Delhi Queer Pride 2015 : Moments of love and equality from the pride march

Love, believed to be one of the most powerful emotions experienced by the living, is it a luxury? A question which more often than not makes me question how humans have associated a tag with everything. It is outrageous to say the least, that the bedroom is a place of deliberation of the politics and rules of the society. The law decides who one can be with and whose company can put one behind bars. It deems the whole idea of being homosexual “unnatural”. To fight this unfair treatment and embrace the history of LGBT rights, pride parades are organized in many countries around the world. It has been in existence in India since 2007 , being organized in multiple cities.

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