Delhi Photo Festival and the ones who “aspired”

Delhi Photo Festival and the ones who aspired

The biennial, Delhi Photo Festival, in its third installment is all about “aspire”, the theme of the festival this year. One of the first photography festivals in India, the Delhi Photo Festival is more than one can ask for. Organized by Nazar Foundation in Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, the festival aims to give independent voices a platform to speak and promote photography as an art in the country. The 10 day festival (31st Oct-8th Nov) has works of over 40 photographers being exhibited, apart from Portfolio reviews, photography masterclass, book launches, photographers’ talks happening. There are partner galleries like the National Museum, Art Heritage gallery where a number of exhibitions and events are happening too.

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Debunking Ideals with Myntra’s Shop by Shape

Image, the literal meaning of the word is; a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art; an exact copy. But if one really looks into how we perceive  “image”, when it comes to one’s looks, body or perspective, it means a different thing altogether. There is the image of how an ideal good looking person should be, how an ideal teacher should behave and how an ideal body should look like. Such concepts and beliefs, have reconstructed the “image”.

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