On Fusion, Friendship and Chikankari

Street Style Delhi: On Fusion, Friendship and Chikankari

It’s a good day in the otherwise sweltering month of May. However, this year, May has been rather forgiving with the rain gods and global warming making their presence feel every other day. Right outside the Summer House Cafe in Aurobindo Market, I see two girls engaged in a conversation, unperturbed by people and everything around. I break this holy matrimony as I see both of them wearing Chikan craft, a craft synonymous with summer.

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Jewels and Junk, from Paharganj

If I am ever reported missing, the first place the authorities and my parents should rush to is Paharganj. I will most probably be found in a dingy cafe with good Wi-Fi, sipping Cold Coffee and hogging on a good form of potatoes. I have even lived in this part of the city for more than two years With these credentials, I confidently call myself an expert of Paharganj. I have bought and experienced everything that the place has to offer- bags, jewelry, decor goods, shoes, and food.

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