Street Style Story: Roop

It has happened many times before – we spot someone who we would like to have never ending conversations  with about style and aesthetic, only to be refused given their shyness to come in front of the camera, time crunch and sometimes the inability to understand why two young strangers in their early 20s would like to know about them. It is a sad realization, that it’s only young women who are comfortable and open to the idea.

So imagine our happiness when the lady we had passed by twice, lost, looked for and found again in Khan Market, agreed to be a part of a story on our blog. We decide to exit the main Khan Market area and make our way to the footpath on the outer road, which is perfect for pictures. It is just what we need for a conversation that’s warm without a cup of tea.


Roop Randhawa, in a mulmul kurta and sharara pants, with style rooted in the cultural ethos and atmosphere vis-a-vis weather of the capital and our country. She was a perfect convener on a conversation on style which encompassed family, siblings, style before and after marriage, and formals.

“I am Roop Randhawa. I was born and brought up in Bathinda, Punjab. I have studied in Dalhousie, Himachal. I have six sisters and we all share a similar sense of style. When we were small, my father would pick up things from his travels and my mother would dress us up in them.”, Roop introduces herself.

Roop’s sense of style is eclectic, as she chooses to ditch the regular Salwar-Suit and Saree and opts for an all over printed set of Kurti and Sharara, “I love dressing up. I have worn enough Sarees as a wife of a man in Indian Navy. Now that he’s retired, I wear anything I like, there’s no fancy word to describe it. But I do experiment and mix-match things.”,  she says when asked about her outfit and style.

We are curious and want to know so much more, so we ask her how was her style before and whether marriage had an effect on her sense of style. To which she says, ” Of course, in India marriage has an effect on style and it did on mine too.  One is put on a pedestal and told that everyone’s looking at you and you’re expected to dress up a certain way. Especially when you’re the wife of a navy man”

When we ask her about her education and days in Dalhousie, she reminisces about the time she spent there,” Dalhousie is beautiful. Style wise, like every girl, I had a phase. I was obsessed with Bichuas  (toe rings), but it stayed with me only till Dalhousie.”

We can only imagine the people who would come to her and ask her for tips to dress up. When we say this out loud, Roop laughs it off, “Nobody really comes to me for tips on dressing up. Why should they? Everyone has their own voice and perspective and knows what they want to wear. But yes, they do want to know about my clothing, accessories and their whereabouts.”

We don’t let go of this opportunity and quickly ask her where she likes to shop from, “I really like Soma Shop, Fab India, Anokhi. I love Cotton. Anyway, synthetic cannot be worn in this dreadful weather.”

street style fashion blog india

street style fashion blog india

Our brief but quite insightful conversation, ends with the small photo ops on the picturesque sidewalk outside Khan Market, as we try capturing conversations and Roop in our pictures.

Roop’s Outfit- Soma Shop

street style fashion blog india

street style fashion blog india

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