Street Shopping in Sarojini Nagar

Shopping in Sarojini Nagar

Even on a hot summer day at 1pm, the alleys and by-lanes of  the shopping heaven that Sarojini Nagar is , are bustling with people, particularly ladies. This export surplus/reject market is the ultimate destination for street fashion that is priced unbelievably low. It is the shopping mecca for women of all statures, whether it is a student of Delhi University surviving on a fixed monthly allowance or a South Delhi lady with no holds barred budget. This place serves all with equality.One can easily find labels like Zara , New Look and even Calvin Klein here , at prices that don’t exceed 500 INR.

But there is more to “Sarojini Nagar shopping ” than just looking for those highly inconspicuous branded clothes. The leather goods shop, the girls dressed in colorful lehengas selling jewelry, the huge stands of socks , leggings and nail paints , men selling shades and watches like they are trying to slip something illegal to you, are the other things you get.

 I was a Sarojini Nagar noob some 6 months back. It was like an urban legend  I couldn’t believe. I did not understand how girls would get things on shopping from Sarojini Nagar that looked no less than a high street or label buy. The place is only chaos and crowd if you don’t know how to shop there. I learned these things after frequenting to Sarojini Nagar for shopping and losing and gaining in the process :

1. Bargaining is your best friend. Always slash the price by 50%.
2. Never buy things that you see in every other shop in Sarojini Nagar. That kills the whole experience of shopping there.
3. Always check the quality before buying.Buy pants and jeans at your own risk. They are mostly ill fitted.
4. The alley with the graffitti and the huge room somewhere near the Incense showroom are the best.
5. You might have to make the trip to the local tailor to get that dress you bought altered.
6.  Carry money in denominations of 100 and 50.
7. Go along with a friend to help you make better decision.                                                                                                         8. Weekends are the worst.

Sarojini Nagar Shopping 1

Sarojini Nagar Shopping

Sarojini Nagar Shopping 2





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    Street #Shopping Sarojini Nagar #Delhi – Sarojini nagar is more famous for its clothes which basically is rejected export material.

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    Wow because this is extremely good work! Congrats and keep it up

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