Majnu Ka Tila: Girl in white dress

There is something about a white dress that I cannot put into words- is it the femininity, is it the serenity or is it just it’s mere fluidity to be one and all at the same time? The packed yet serene streets of the mini Tibet that Majnu ka Tila is, presented us one of the renditions of the White Dress.

Sukriti, the girl whose rendition of the white dress compelled us to go up to her and speak to her about her style whilst we tried to capture her spirit in photographs, was strutting on the streets of Majnu ka Tila with her friends.  Her white dress styled with an Indie bag and Kolhapuri style flats showed us one of the possibilities of the humble white dress.

Majnu Ka Tila : 2

“I am Sukriti. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Economics from DSE. I have been brought up in Delhi. I love to read, dance and talk to people! The last book I read was the Memoirs of Geisha. It is a beautifully written book!”, Sukriti says when asked about herself. Her style is a talking point too, obviously, “I think my style sense is all about what catches my eye. I love to experiment and mix-it-up. Style to me is to be able to carry any and every clothing ~ from shorts and pyjamas to sarees and dresses with comfort and confidence. It is all about what makes me feel happy!”

Sukriti also puts into words one thought which goes into the mind of every Delhi Metro goer, “I feel metro rides are a great way to reiterate one’s fashion sense! In a 40 minute ride, I get to see such a wide variety of clothes and styles, it’s wonderful.” Our conversation ends with one question that has recently become my favourite way of knowing somebody better- If you could be someone or something, who would you be? “I’d love to be a bird. I want to fly high!”, Sukriti asserts and, convinces us easily.




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