Five style resolutions we are making this year

We have all done it and are still “guilty” of doing it . Yes , I am talking about those new year resolutions we write down on that new year journal. Our optimistic sweet souls pen down our ambitions about joining a gym, learning a new skill- basically getting that change in our lives. This year, I’ve thought about making small and gradual changes in my life rather than trying to tackle all those resolutions at once. And if you’re anything like me , the resolve to put some style into perspective this year is equally important to cutting sugar and caffeine from my diet.
With some some help from people on the streets and some blogger friends, I decided to put all the ideas into one listicle that could serve some little inspiration to somebody out there :

1. Don’t follow trends. Instead, make your own -Devyani from Breviloquent says, ” In 2015, I stopped following fashion trends and instead, decided to make my own trends that relied both on comfort and my personality. I like to stand out in a room filled with commoners.”

2. Organize that closet -The graphic tee which was an impulse buy, the skirt which you bought because it was on sale and that suit which was dumped ages ago ; why is it still in your closet? I know it is not easy to get rid of clothes, but make that resolve. Your closet would be thankful.
3. Look for inspiration around you : Each one of us looks for fashion inspiration from those pinterest boards, celebrities and trends but it is an even better idea to look for that inspiration from our own selves, our lives and even from old pictures of our mothers. Ekta echoes our thoughts and says ,” I don’t look for inspiration outside. If one looks clearly, it is all around and inside us. Let your clothes be more about you rather than about somebody else”.
4. Don’t be shy to experiment or stick to what you like : It is not a bad idea to either experiment with your style or sticking with your own style sensibilities. Mahima from Sequins and Sangria says ,” I always had a very minimalist approach where fashion was concerned but I recently discovered an underlying fierceness in my choices. Some days I am all “Go bold or go home” and I am loving it!”


Style Resolutions

5. Don’t take your style or yourself too seriously : Aalok says,” I think fashion is all about having fun. Even if you don’t feel what you are wearing is entirely “correct”, so be it!” Never forget that Ranveer Singh went to GQ Best Dressed to take an award for his fashion sense wearing Sylvester sandals , animal-printed jacket, colorful PJs and a slogan tee that said “No fucks to give”.

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