Iconic Indian Ads: Amul Girl and Polkas

The girl with short hair, doe eyes and red cheeks strutting in a red polka dotted skirt appears fortnightly in newspapers and hoardings, commenting sometimes to others’ dismay whilst getting away with – “She is only a child.”

• • •

SS17 in Delhi: Sister’s Dress

Street Style Delhi

She is wearing her sister’s dress. She has belted her dress to make it fit her better. Makes us wonder, isn’t the whole “waist-corset/clincher” trend a “thick” spin on belting one’s shirt/dress?

• • •

Majnu Ka Tila: Girl in white dress

There is something about a white dress that I cannot put into words- is it the femininity, is it the serenity or is it just it’s mere fluidity to be one and all at the same time? The packed yet serene streets of the mini Tibet that Majnu ka Tila is, presented us one of the renditions of the White Dress.

• • •