Sunday Book Market , Darya Ganj : A pochette of books

Shop : Sunday Book Market, Darya Ganj

I had not been there in the last five years. Perhaps, the sellers have stopped keeping the books on the pavements or the whole character of the flea has changed. I remember going to the Sunday Book Market of Darya Ganj with my brother whenever I used to go to my Khala’s place on weekends.  My brother would scout for Graphic Novels and I’d look for stories that could satiate the little detective in me.

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Street Style Story : Ayesha

Street Style Delhi

“I can’t experiment with my hair ; too precious, would break my heart and I’d cry the second day”.
This line seems to resonate with most of us women. We are too scared about experimenting with our hair. The societal idea of beauty is so deeply embedded in us that any idea other than the societal idea of beauty simply doesn’t exist. While sauntering around Connaught place, we spotted Ayesha with hair that many of us love to see but are too scared to sport.

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