Street Style Story: Roop

It has happened many times before – we spot someone who we would like to have never ending conversations¬† with about style and aesthetic, only to be refused given their shyness to come in front of the camera, time crunch and sometimes the inability to understand why two young strangers in their early 20s would like to know about them. It is a sad realization, that it’s only young women who are comfortable and open to the idea.

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Jewels and Junk, from Paharganj

If I am ever reported missing, the first place the authorities and my parents should rush to is Paharganj. I will most probably be found in a dingy cafe with good Wi-Fi, sipping Cold Coffee and hogging on a good form of potatoes. I have even lived in this part of the city for more than two years With these credentials, I confidently call myself an expert of Paharganj. I have bought and experienced everything that the place has to offer- bags, jewelry, decor goods, shoes, and food.

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SS17 in Delhi: Trick trends

Street Style Delhi

If there’s one trend which has seemed way too tricky to be “executed” on the streets of Delhi for our normal Dilliwalas recently, it has to be fish net/net stockings. The trend didn’t seem adept in practice, but on paper I.e. fashion magazines. But this one changed our mind: easy-peasy with a basic tee-dress and can be added by the fashion conscious to their wardrobe.

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