Jewels and Junk, from Paharganj

If I am ever reported missing, the first place the authorities and my parents should rush to is Paharganj. I will most probably be found in a dingy cafe with good Wi-Fi, sipping Cold Coffee and hogging on a good form of potatoes. I have even lived in this part of the city for more than two years With these credentials, I confidently call myself an expert of Paharganj. I have bought and experienced everything that the place has to offer- bags, jewelry, decor goods, shoes, and food.

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Wristwood and the olden days

Wristwood and the Olden days

I loved how he was; a perfect blend of everything old and new. And that is how he made me too. In two years of being with him, I had become a mirror image of him. I preferred eggs scrambled over boiled, tea over coffee, Xbox over brunches and late nights over my beauty sleep. I didn’t mind those conversations about cricket; in fact I had started liking them.

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Documenting Street Style in India : Meeting Neha

Street Style India and conversations

For almost a year, we have been photographing people on the streets. Those fleeting moments sometimes turn into at most a five minute conversation about fashion and Delhi. It rarely happens that we strike a chord with somebody so much that we not only click them but also have cake together and learn one of the biggest lessons of our life. This story is about one such day when the usual turned into something extraordinary.

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