Vaani’s style: A story on silver and Delhi’s influence

For the uninitiated, oxidized or not, silver jewelry is a passion of Delhi women. Whilst some do it coyly with a small pair of oxidized jhumkas to match with their classic pair of blue jeans, others don’t let their silver be mere slivers.

Vaani was the latter when I ran into her at Janpath. “I inherited my love for silver jewelry from my mother and she likes to morbidly joke that her silver collection is what I’ll inherit when she dies. I have very vivid childhood memories of sitting on the carpet in the Silverline store surrounded by mounds of silver earrings, so my love for silver began early. But I started wearing silver jewelry quite religiously only from the first year of college onwards.”, says Vaani when asked about her love for silver.

She is a girl who loves her silver and it is appropriate for the situation, that we delve deeper into her style and what she likes to do with it, “50% of what I wear is dependent on where I’m going and 50% on my mood before going.”

Style doesn’t live in isolation from the city it is in- the city one lives in very well influences their style- it could be the weather, culture and people, and many times with their uninvited gazes.

“Delhi influences my style in two ways – both of which are not the most positive. First is the weather. My concerns range from ‘will I drown in my own sweat in this fabric?’ to ‘are these enough layers to prevent me from going numb in the auto?’ The second is the Staring Men of Delhi with their inexhaustible gaze. It makes me angry and helpless that so much of what I wear is controlled by them even when I know that their gaze doesn’t leave me when I’m ‘modestly dressed’ either. If a magic epidemic wiped out only the lecherous men of Delhi then I’d be so much more free with what I wear.”, Vaani says, echoing the thoughts of many.

Vani’s expression of how Delhi influences her style would make no sense to some-“Hey, I should wear what I want and not care about the men who ogle no matter what!”, but also total sense at the same time, and it feels especially when you walk through a crowded street in Delhi. You’ll find women wearing a shirt over her pretty dress, skirts which don’t go much above the knees, necks that aren’t too deep for patriarchy to disapprove— all the necessary ingredients to appear n. “decent.”

Street Style Delhi Fashion Blog

Street Style Delhi Fashion Blog

Outfit Details:

Top – Anokhi.

Chappals – Bittu’s shop in Paharganj. Earrings – Silverline. Bag – it’s a hand-me-down from my mother which she said she bought in Bombay over 15 years ago.

Earrings – Silverline. Bag – it’s a hand-me-down from my mother which she said she bought in Bombay over 15 years ago.

Bag –  hand-me-down from her mother which she said she bought in Bombay over 15 years ago.




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