Vogue and Kuby Immunology with Charuta

She loved her Vogue as much as she loved her Kuby Immunology



She wakes up every morning, heads to the lab and dons a white coat. She clones and makes transgenic plants.  She heads back home. Her life doesn’t end here. Apart from the successful experiments in the lab which make her happy, there is something else that is the source of her happiness too; fashion.

Charuta , the brainchild behind Moda Yalda is as interesting as the concoction of biotechnology and  fashion. She blogs all things fashion with the pinch of art. She designs and makes clothes along with her mother. She makes rings and jewelry from scratch, getting inspired by the likes of Chanel. Charuta’s ensemble for the shoot was all about khaki and dark lips.




Prior to the shoot, Charuta and I just chattered in a café for some time, without the involvement of caffeine. We talked about fashion; discussing our favorite “fashion things” to gasping when our favorites would turn out to be the same. Her love for all things vintage and old is prominent in the outfit she put together for us.

“I love all things vintage so I borrow stuff from my mother and grandmother and try to wear them the way I want to. I wear my mom’s brocade blouse as a jacket with my crop tops. I have my grandmother’s old velvet clutch that is is probably my favorite bag.”, Charuta states. But she doesn’t define her style as just vintage,  “I think I am fashion bipolar. I love minimal and bohemian. I love handcrafted clothes, Indian textiles and machine made like stripes. I love both Ikat and leather. “

Likewise, her love for fashion and science isn’t independent.“Scientifically speaking” , one is a catalyst of another, but which one is whose? “I think my painting and skills like that have made me good at lab. Working in a lab is also an art. You have to be perfect at what you do” They say mechanical and creative don’t go hand-in-hand, but here we have Charuta, who relishes in these seemingly opposite poles.




Outfit Details :

Lip Shade – Read all about it here

Top – Adagio

Skirt-  Her own Design (Available for sale on her blog)

Heels- Vansons

Bag- Bought from a leather export house in Kanpur

Eyewear- Classic Ray Ban aviators



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