Eight looks/items we wore this winter

Today, I looked at the flowers and thought to myself – what better than bidding winters goodbye than looking back at all that helped us survive winter. In all honesty though, somewhere at the end of January, Shrishti suggested that she and I both do a story on all that helped us survive winters. Both of us hate layering ourselves in winter, it’s dressing up or the little of it in winters, that help us survive this stupid-stupid weather.

The beauty of this so-called lookbook is that none of the outfits were planned. One was clicked on an evening I went out for coffee with friends, another was clicked on a day when Shrishti went Old Delhi hopping. But but the ones together are those when Shrishti and I accidentally twinned. We officially bid goodbye to winter when Shrishti arranged her summer wardrobe and I folded my coat like a lump and put it inside my bed. After that, Shrishti and I sat down to thank every fashion item that helped us survive winter. Here’s the list filled with emotions that even words can’t contain-

  1. Just like every other girl, from the past two years, Shrishti and I keep our denim close to our hearts. even closer when it gets colder. Just like any other day, when Shrishti and I did Denim on Denim together.

    street style delhi india

    street style delhi india

  2. A great chunky knit that not only keeps one warm but also has color. Shrishti says that this reminds her of her childhood days.
  3. A black coat that I threw on everything. this definitely has to be one of the most worn items in my wardrobe. I think I need to get the coat lump out of my bed and give it for dry cleaning.
  4. Plaid Skirts – Shrishti is a fashion visionary. She predicted right at the start of winter that Clueless and Elle Woods will rule the fashion roost. She was correct. She even tells me what all we will be wearing summer. I will tell you that in the next story. Anyway, while I wore fun yellow very clueless plaid, Shrishti put a very Legally Blonde-Elle Woods spin to her grey plaid skirt
  5. That Vintage grey plaid- These pants are the softest and warmest pants in my entire existence of odd 20 something years. I wore them at least once a week and with the same grey slip, white tee, and my poor exploited black coat. 
  6. Desi/ethnic- Shrishti and I are proud of our anarkalis, maxi kurtas and layering their glory is something we don’t really approve of.
    It is almost an oxymoron – wearing ethnic well & layering yourself in winters. I think, Shrishti and I did it quite well; breaking the myth one outfit at a time. While Shrishti layered herself in a black anarkali and a twenty-six-year-old shawl made by her maternal grandfather, I chose my favorite ethnic dress and wrapped myself in my mother’s twenty-six-year-old sweater! 
  7. Good Boots- Shrishti has a boots collection that can put any boots loving girl to shame.  
  8. Beret- I have been a beret lover for two years. I have or rather had three, in red, black and beige. This one I wore the most and lost too. 

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