A Street Style Minute with Elsa Sam

Street Style India: Elsa in Delhi

It was just another day, Shrishti and I were sitting at Cha Bar. Having our coffee, thinking about putting more content on the blog. After quite a long hiatus, we wanted to not only publish content about street style, delhi and culture but push forward content that’s long been coming. What is even the difference between a street fashion blog based in Delhi and a street fashion based in America? So, August is all about discovering our innateĀ Indianness. So, all the stories you will see this month would be Desi-centric; Street Style focused on Indian wear, stories on how culture affects our sense of style, Indian wear to work and the likes. There’s a lot coming this month!

In our first story, meet Elsa Sam and her skirt( it was the skirt we noticed first), who we met on this very day in Cha Bar. We talk to Elsa about her sense of style, favorite places to shop from and Indian fashion in the pop culture scene.

Aliya:I know it’s a very boring question, but tell me about yourself.
Elsa:Delhi NCR born and brought up mallu. Did my graduation from Stephens in history and then my masters. Right now working as a holiday consultant with a travel start up called Unwind Outdoor. In my free time I listen to music and doodle sometimes.
A: How would you describe your personal style?
E: My personal style is anything that is comfortable. For me summers is all about flaunting my kurtas, skirts and dresses. Winters is all about big loose sweaters and big sweatshirts.
A: What is one vivid memory you have about dressing up from childhood?
E: When I was a kid, around 5-6 year old, I would steal away my mom’s dupattas and try and drape a saree on myself. Everytime I’d royally fail, and my mom would sit and laugh at one corner. And it’s vivid because today am the most comfortable in a saree. I can drape it in less than 5 mins and run a marathon in it.
A: What are your favorite places to shop? And what are some absolute essentials from your wardrobe?
E: My fav place to shop is fabindia and nalli. I know am never disappointed at these two places. Absolute essentials from my wardrobe is a black white kurta, blue jeans and a pair of Kolhapuri.
A: Do you think St. Stephens has been instrumental in shaping your sense of style? Or Unwind Outdoor, your workplace, has had a more profound effect?
E: My sense of style has nothing to do with my work. College, yes. A little bit. Made me more comfortable with my sense of style.
A: So what, or rather who, are you style influences?
E: Deepika padukone in Piku. Everything she wears in that movie, is so gorgeous. Starting from that bindi, to her jhumkas, to her black saree and all those gorgeous kurtas. That’s the kind of wardrobe I’d like to own one day. And carry that style and elegance.
A: Where did you get that skirt from, it’s the most striking part of your outfit.
E: One of my friends family had this export business earlier. I was just at their workshop one day. Absolutely loved it when I saw it, so I picked it out from their collection.
A: If you had to describe things you absolutely love about indian fashion+culture and things you hate about it, what would they be ?
E: There’s nothing that I hate about Indian fashion and culture. In fact, I love Indian fashion and culture. I personally, am the most comfortable carrying myself in an Indian attire than western. What I love the most about Indian fashion is how it makes you look gorgeous so effortlessly. You don’t have to do anything. But just draping a 9 yard unstitched piece of cloth around you can make you look incredibly pretty. Just adding a bindi or a jhumka to your attireĀ  can make you look very different.
A: Do you think that that you see “real” indian fashion+culture in movies, shows, music etc?
E: I don’t think I see real Indian fashion culture in movies, shows, music etc. It’s not just restricted to indianness now. It’s an amalgamation of everything now. And the end product that we are getting out of all these experiments is amazing.. For eg, wearing white sneakers with your lehenga.. it’s become a thing now and it looks Uber cool. Not to mention it’s super comfortable than wearing heels. In fact, the best part is you get to try so many permutations of clothes. Wearing a kurta with jeans, or a dupatta with a t short-handed, or re-imagining a draping a saree as a lehenge skirt..all of it lets you explore an Indian identity..let’s you explore the indianness in your fashion.

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