The 100 Saree Pact : How to wear a Saree feat. Uttara

After numerous hashtags about the great Indian Saree like #BringingSareeBack and the likes, only one stood out – The 100 Saree Pact.
Saree never went anywhere nor did it fade out of colloquial trends because it’s something that’s much bigger and greater.
But the 100 Saree Pact did get some people excited about wearing a Saree and documenting it on social media.
 Meet Uttara, who was our senior in our undergraduate days. We had always known her as a chirpy, outspoken and opinionated girl. After discovering that she had taken up the 100 saree pact and given her own spin to it, we decided to a bring a bit more Saree Style to Street Style Delhi. So, we talked about this very popular hashtag in a no holds barred conversation. She shared with us her interpretation of the 100 Saree Pact, how she breaks stereotypes by doing the challenge while casually spilling some tea on how not to wear a Saree.

“I read about the 100 saree pact somewhere on Instagram three years back, had no idea what it was about, so I googled it – I got to know that there were two women who started this pact. The idea behind this was to wear 100 sarees within a year. Obviously, at that point, I wasn’t going to do it the way they had planned to do it. It was the same time when I was beginning my work with schools. So, there you had to wear sarees on each PTM. The first time I wore the saree, I put up a picture and I thought “let me just put the hashtag” like a thing that I followed with social media, you know, trends and all,” said Uttara when asked about the 100 Saree pact.

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Street Style Delhi: The Red Blazer & Mehak

Street Fashion Story: Mehak

“Style is as discrete as you are yourself, something that compliments YOU”, Mehak puts forth the meaning of style in one simple sentence. Her red blazer reminded us of those that you hear or see in fairy tales. The one here too not surprisingly, had one too.

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Eight looks/items we wore this winter

Today, I looked at the flowers and thought to myself – what better than bidding winters goodbye than looking back at all that helped us survive winter. In all honesty though, somewhere at the end of January, Shrishti suggested that she and I both do a story on all that helped us survive winters. Both of us hate layering ourselves in winter, it’s dressing up or the little of it in winters, that help us survive this stupid-stupid weather.

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Current Street Style Mood:How to wear a Faux Fur Coat

From runways to celebrities to the new age ‘pretend’ celebrities aka our fashion bloggers – everyone was spotted wearing faux fur coat this season. Even we (me & Aliya) here at Street Style Delhi wanted one each, for ourselves. I, especially was going nuts for it but it was Aliya who reminded me every time that I wouldn’t be wearing it outside of my house, to which I couldn’t agree less with.

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