Street Style Story: Roop

It has happened many times before – we spot someone who we would like to have never ending conversations¬† with about style and aesthetic, only to be refused given their shyness to come in front of the camera, time crunch and sometimes the inability to understand why two young strangers in their early 20s would like to know about them. It is a sad realization, that it’s only young women who are comfortable and open to the idea.

• • •

On Fusion, Friendship and Chikankari

Street Style Delhi: On Fusion, Friendship and Chikankari

It’s a good day in the otherwise sweltering month of May. However, this year, May has been rather forgiving with the rain gods and global warming making their presence feel every other day. Right outside the Summer House Cafe in Aurobindo Market, I see two girls engaged in a conversation, unperturbed by people and everything around. I break this holy matrimony as I see both of them wearing Chikan craft, a craft synonymous with summer.

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