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Street Style India: Daribha’s Style

After covering Street Style in Delhi, I have found it incredibly limiting that even though the world is my oyster it’s still not. Enter letters in the digital world- that empower me to reach out to people all over the Internet and ask them questions about their style, pets and how they like their coffee.

In the past 4-5 years, Instagram has come to become the place of discovery in fashion. If you follow five fashion accounts and scroll through your feed, you can see what’s trending, what’s being talked about the most and most of all, the clothes you must buy.

It’s rare to see someone with a sense of style that doesn’t make you dig your pockets but  your wardrobe; Daribha’s style is exactly such. I reached out for my mum’s Seiko from her 20s, the Vans I ignored for long. It’s not only the way she styles herself but her home too; I can’t really pinpoint what exactly works but she makes me want to start doing my room’s makeover which was supposed to begin two years ago. Apart from her understanding of style, its her Instagram stories that keep me hooked. I would be lying if I say that I don’t wait for her to post stories of gold being “creatively” smuggled.

In this feature, meet Daribha Lyndem, whose sense of style is quite gloriously sprinkled all over her Instagram. Her Instagram bio describes her as a Tax collector, aesthete and hoarder (@daribhagram on Instagram)

Q1.  It’s a terrible question and I believe it’s next to impossible to describe yourself completely. However, if you had to, how would you describe yourself?

You’re right it is a difficult thing to describe oneself, there is always a risk of sounding pompous or self deprecating. The one thing I can say for certain about myself is that I cannot sit still. I must always be doing something to keep myself occupied. Today I may be drawing a seascape, tomorrow I’m painting my centre table another colour just because, a day after that I might find myself doing some stand up comedy and maybe a week after that writing a story. I like to dabble in many things.

Q2. Honestly, when I came across your feed it was the aesthetics of your home that made me hit that follow button. I knew that someone who styles their home so well would definitely have an impeccable sense of dressing too. But I would love to know if the way you dress, and style your home originate from the same design philosophy?

Whether it comes to my home or how I dress I usually put comfort ahead of everything else. While I was styling my home I was heavily influenced by the Midcentury Modern design which is characterised by minimal ornamentation, is functional and uncluttered with clean lines. The same can be said about my clothing. I don’t have too much going on when it comes to how I dress, my clothes do not restrict movement or have too many patterns, and the colours stay in the same colour range. I do like to layer sometimes.

Q3. What are your biggest style influences/ inspirations?

I know its going to sound strange but I loved the furniture in the cartoon series ‘The Jetsons’. I later came to find out that that is a style called Googie. This style later came to be known as Mid Century Modern and I loved it.Then I saw the same in Mad Men, Hudsucker Proxy, others films and shows with the mid century modern, Art Deco aesthetic and I knew I wanted to have my home look like that. Luckily Mumbai’s second hand furniture markets had all these styles of furniture. I follow a lot of fashion bloggers on Instagram, its always nice to look at someone’s pretty feed and get an idea or two.

Q4. What is your process of dressing up?

I pick either a bag, a skirt, a shoe, a pair of earrings or even a lipstick first, then work around it. Sometimes I’m ready in five minutes, other days I feel ugly and stupid so I mess up my entire cupboard and pick the most loose thing there is.

Q5.  What are your favorite places to shop? Are you mindful about shopping or are you impulsive?

I shop at your regular Zara, Forever 21 type of shops. Sometimes when I’m in Delhi I pick up things from Sarojini Nagar. I always go shopping with a particular thing in mind. I’m very specific about what I want. That’s why I don’t take too long to shop, I know what I want and if the shop doesn’t have it I don’t dilly dally or I might end up buying something I never thought of in the first place.

Q6. You are in a very interesting profession, atleast from the “Instastory look”  of it. How does a day at work look like?

I work in shifts, twelve hours days and nights at the International airport in Mumbai. It gets gruelling, especially during the nights. I’m mostly on my feet scanning the crowd, arguing with passengers, sometimes we get lucky and catch a gold smuggler or two.

Q7.  What is your go-to-outfit when you’re running late? That no-brainer style fix.

A white shirt and blue jeans.

Q8.  What have been some of your favorite fashion trends recently?

Recent favourites are floral, tropical aloha blouses and shirts.

Q9.  That one secret style/lifestyle/beauty tip that you want to share with the world.

Don’t forget sunscreen!

Q1O. What are some fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands you recommend?

There is nothing like a good tailor. If you ever get your hands on one its better to get things tailor made for you.


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