The Desi Wardrobe of a Delhi Girl

Street Style Delhi:

No matter what, if you are a girl who lives in Delhi, there are certain items that you would definitely have in your wardrobe. I have run into girls who are wearing the nicest anarkalis you’d ever see, and on asking would say that they don’t really wear a lot of anarkalis or enjoy wearing them; the anarkali is just there in their wardrobe, courtesy a gift from their mother/brother/friend or a random visit to Dilli Haat/ Chandni Chowk/ etc.

In the ethnic month, one of our first curated edits is getting into the Desi Wardrobe of a Delhi girl. Meet Sumegha and her wardrobe which is a very well representation of a Delhi Girl’s wardrobe and her favorite ethnic outfits.

1.  Printed Salwar with plain kurta – An outfit that’s styled around a printed Salwar is not that common right now in Delhi’s Street Style but we know, like many ethnic fashion items, this is a trend that is not ever going out of fashion.  A plain kurta styled with a printed salwar and a cotton dupatta is the uniform of many Delhi girl’s outfit. The little details like a pair of earrings and sunglasses aren’t to be missed.


2.  Ethnic printed top with blue Jeans – A blue jeans is a must have in most people’s wardrobe.  But a blue jeans with an ethnic printed/ motif top is omnipresent. You might not be a big fan of Desi/ Ethnic styles but you must check your wardrobe to see if you have such a top lying around.


3. Anarkalis or kurti dress- Anarkalis and Kurti Dress have been around for a while now. They have slowly transitioned into becoming Indian/Ethnic Style Dresses but we love ourselves a good old anarkali style with churidar and dupatta.


4.  Matchy-matchy Kurti and Churidar – This is a classic, Delhi or not, we all have worn a co-ordinated kurti and churidar in our childhoods. Theres’s a western trend of co-ords, but we have had it for longer!

5. Bright Dupatta with neutrals- It’s another outfit that you will have in your wardrobe, if you’re a student, working professional or a housewife. In fact, this outfit is a go-to choice for desi occassions.


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