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A girl of many Sarees: Antara

“Delhi doesn’t feel home to me. Bombay does. It’s a place that thrives on the idea of community and creativity.”, says Antara when asked what she feels about Delhi. Her response doesn’t take me aback, as she is not the one who cares about pleasing anyone.

I met Antara on our first day of undergrad school, and over the years one could see that she has a liking for handicrafts and everything Indian. She would tell us how she loves collecting earrings. Now, she prides on having a huge collection of earrings.

Antara in her comfort food of clothes

Antara in her comfort food of clothes

To be very honest, after college, I have seen her love for everything Indian & handcrafted grow; all thanks to social media. But through this feature I understood how style is layered – there is a thick base of nostalgia, a spread of care, topped with a drizzle of young sensibilities( that’s how you make an Indian pancake).

We spoke of the thick base of nostalgia first.”My mother and my maashi influence my style the most.”, quips Antara. “I have grown up seeing my maashi wear the most beautiful drapes. Also, most of the drapes I own are pass it downs.”

In the cupboard, were all the sarees, neatly stacked but waiting to crumble out and tell their story.

“This is the Saree my mother wore in her college days. When I told my mother that I wanted to wear it, she couldn’t understand why I would want to wear a Saree that old and worn. Also, indigo is back in trend. So, it works out perfectly.” Antara outs the story of one of the many Sarees and drapes it to perfection.

While selecting Sarees for the shoot, Antara threw some of her favourite Sarees on her bed. They made for a beautiful & tough site – I couldn’t help Antara choose two Sarees. If I had my way, I’d just see Antara tell me her Saree Stories all day long.

As I see Antara, quickly changing from one Saree to another, I can’t help but wonder what’s her process of dressing up or styling herself.

“I cannot dress up without music. There always has to be some music in the background while I dress up, to make me feel creative. Being a musician, I find parallels between music and style. The process of creating art and dressing up, both, have symmetry and flow. They both echo what I have done or created as an artist.”

In a no barred holds conversation, Antara also shares her attention to detail regarding Sarees and the clothes she wears, “I cannot mix prints or colors. I like my clothes the classic way. Like, I wouldn’t wear a green blouse with a blue saree.”

Antara is a trained classical singer, who enjoys reading, writing, cooking and collecting silver jewelry. Having seen her style grow from an 18-year-old who just got out of school to a young woman who’s not afraid to speak for others, I believe she has more beautiful miles to drape before she sleeps. I, for my own record, wouldn’t mind hearing more of her Saree stories as she collects them.

To wrap it up they say, people are more than their style and the clothes they wear. In Antara’s own words,” You don’t wear a Saree, a Saree wears you.”


  1. Debjani Saraswati - January 9, 2018 @ 4:17 pm

    Loved each and every word of the writeup. Lovely Antara, lovely sarees, lovely you. You have proved yet once again that Pen is the mightier weapon through your simple and heart-rending writing. Stay blessed, the two of you.

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