Guy Guide: Tiapong on Sarojini Nagar

Guy Guide – Tiapong Tzudir/ Sarojini Nagar

“I have this uncontrollable urge to scream at the top of my lungs right now- this isn’t the last of me,” said Sarojini Nagar( psst Not Naidu)

After publishing two stories on Sarojini Nagar, I am publishing another with an acceptable amount of gap.  This one doesn’t feature my shopping-escapade or any of my “tips”.

I met Tiapong online, over DMs, only to discover that we go to the same University. Cut to the chase, Tiapong is a guy who knows his style, and also the Streets. ( Find him on

In this Sarojini Nagar Story, Tiapong lets out a secret or nine about Sarojini Nagar, how he finds the best pair of pants, what’s the perfect time to go shopping in Sarojini and what one should never buy in Sarojini in this Guy Guide.

Aliya: Favorite places to shop in Sarojini Nagar
Tiapong: There isn’t a specific spot but I like to go on Mondays because the vibe that you get is that of a jumble sale where you end digging a lot of treasure. But given a choice, there is a spot near the graffiti walk where one can get good finds for menswear.
 A: How is your personal style
 T: Comfort is what defines my personal style.
 A: What influences your style the most?
 T: The influence comes mostly from the street. The people I see on the streets, I notice their personal style. Also, I follow Street Style from around the world and get inspired.
A: How to make a women’s item like a coat, sweatshirt, tee or flared pants work
T:  It all depends on how one pulls it off whatever it may be. You must now yourself and your body, and not let any rules command your inner voice of Style.
 A: What’s your secret shopping hack in Sarojini Nagar?
T: Hackle in such a way that you will end up getting 60% off of the amount they quote.
 A: Must haves from Sarojini Nagar
T: Comfy PJs, tees and winter wear. They are the ones not only guys but people of all genders must get.
A: Tell me about the clothing items we shot today. How much did you get each for
T: OK Grey jumper (sweatshirt ) -100 rs, Brown pants -300 rs, Painted shirt -30 rs, from the Monday Market which I painted myselfWhite denim jacket – 200  rs

 A:  Other places you love to shop from
T: I love to shop H&M and Zara. Majnu Ka Tila is also one of my favorites
 A: What are the things a guy should never get from Sarojini Nagar?
 T: I always avoid Jeans and footwear.

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