Street Style In India: How casual are we really?

By Shrishti Sen

Street Style India: How casual are we really?

When I think about dressing up casually, the first image that comes to my mind is of Monica and Rachel from Friends. Oh, how effortlessly chic they were at it. Their style is everything which we are trying to emulate in our own Street Style in India these days. But why don’t we seem casual like them? Are we trying way too hard?

Here’s one story — when the Mom jeans trend hit us all, it took me months to find the perfect mom jeans with rips, and I could not be happier when I finally got one. However as soon as I got down to wearing it, I had to pair it with the right footwear and bag to get the “casual look”. That made me wonder, is it really casual if I am putting in so much effort? Isn’t this the same case with most of us? Aren’t we all putting together various things and thoughts to make ourselves look effortless and casual? Isn’t it supposed to look casual naturally?

street style india blog fashion

street style india blog fashion

For Rachel, a buttoned skirt and T shirt was just another everyday coffee house attire. Then why is it that whenever we have to dress up casually, we have to make sure that whatever we choose is “in-trend”? Just like “I woke up like this” selfies are never really true, the same way our casual looks are anything but effortless.

So, here’s my street style look in  “casuals”, with the very in-trend body suit, mom ripped jeans, layered gold jewelry, and choker. I think my hard work paints a very effortlessly casual picture, doesn’t it?

street style india blog fashion

street style india blog fashion

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