How I got Lehenga made under Rs. 3k- Two lehengas in Delhi in 6k

Style in India: Lehenga under 3ooo INR

Someone who lives and breathes Street Style, Wedding Style is something that takes a backseat. Anyways, if you’re Indian, you just cannot escape the great Indian wedding.

If you’re someone who’s even a wee bit conscious about their Wedding looks then getting a good lehenga and not spending a lot of money is an oxymoron.

Before I give you steps on how you can get a lehenga made in 3000 rs, I want you to believe that you can get a Lehenga made in the budget of the maximum amount you’d spend on a combo of bags and shoes.

Step 1 – Make an inspiration board. Search for images online. Save the outfits you like on your pinterest. However, don’t save THAT Sabyasachi Lehenga.

Step 2-Talk to an expert to know about the kind and the length of the fabric you would for your design. In my case it was my mami. Basically, you need to educate yourself before you go to the tailor.

Step 3- Find a tailor. Your regular tailor might not be your first choice. So, look for a tailor that’s been tested before either by a friend or a cousin.

Step 4- Source fabric. Don’t go to a famous market. Look for hidden gems. I was sure that I don’t want to go to Lajpat Nagar or any other market that’s famous for fabric because I knew I’d have to pay more.

Instead, I went to a market that’s not known much – I went to a small shop in Zakir Nagar that was a fabric heaven- they had banarsi silk, embroidered net and matching fabrics.

Step 5- Draw the design, combining your inspiration and the fabric you got. I suck at drawing but I anyway did over coffee and biscuits with my Mami and cousin.

Step 6- Once you’re thorough with what you want, get the lace and other accompaniments.

I had to just get the lace for the dupattas, sleeves for the blue lehenga and skirt for the beige lehenga.

Step 7- Go to the tailor. Have a long discussion about the lehengas, the tiniest details. My tailor and I sat for an hour together. He took measurements. I showed him the inspiration photos and the drawings.

Step 8- You won’t find a dupatta in the same color as your lehenga. So, you will have to buy a net fabric 2-2.5 meters and get it dyed.

The fabric for the dupatta costed me 100/meter. The dyeing was for 40 bucks and lace around 40/meter. PS do have a small piece of the fabric to give it to the dyer. So one dupatta costed me 300-400 rs.

Step 9 – Last but not the least, stay in touch with your tailor.

Estimate of the Blue Lehenga-

= 250*5 meters of embroidered net+ 100*8 meter of plain fabric+400 for dupatta+1000 for stitching

which comes to 3300 INR

Estimate of the Beige Lehenga

=400*2.5 meters of Shirt+100*8 meters for kurta & skirt+ 400 for dupatta+1100 for stitching

which comes to 3400 INR

Places Mentioned

 Fabric and Lace Stores- Batla House Market. Basement market near St. Giri School.

Tailor – Muzammil’s boutique near Batla House. Phone no. –+91-8447472481 ( tell him Aliya appi gave you his number)

Tips from experience-

  1. Have an open mind. You might have to change your design.
  2. Don’t blindly copy someone else’s design. This is your chance to create something of your own.
  3. Treat the tailor as your G-O-D
  4. Don’t start the process last minute. If you have to attend a wedding in mid-January, start the process in mid-December.
  5. Getting a lehenga made is a grueling process but there’s nothing like wearing your own creation.

Thanks to our lovely friends Pavneet & Gursheen @irta139 for the beautiful jewelry.

The photos that you see here are more Street Style than you want. To have a real time view, follow @streetstyledelhi and @matargasht( that’s me) on Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed the post. This is one of the few style adventures I have every month. Let me know if you’d want more such posts.

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