One Anarkali – Five Ways

Style Challenge: Revamping Good Old Anarkali

One fine Sunday afternoon while sitting in a bakery sipping coffee and having endless conversation about fashion  (typical Aliya and Shrishti combo) Aliya challenged me to wear one piece of clothing an entire week. I accepted the challenge Barney style “Challenge Accepted!” except the fact that unlike Barney I wasn’t a fan of hooking up/ repeating the same piece of clothing for an entire week. But I did and with every passing day the challenge got easier and fun. By the end of the challenge like Barney found his love, Robin, I found my Robin (love) in this Black Anarkali Kurta.

Day 1- Mom Style

As I had to go to my Department for some early morning classes and the weather was a bit chilly I decided to go “Mom Style” and paired my Anarkali with a light printed black shawl.

Day 2- Lowkey Festive Style

For a light lunch with my friends to a terrace café I decided to pair my kurta with a Gujarati blouse/ jacket, ripped jeans, black mule heels, black sling bag and big silver earrings.

Day 3- Basic Indian Style

Whilst I was out on a field trip I decided to go basic and paired my anarkali with my good old hot pink chanderi dupatta, silver earrings and bindi to complete the look.

Day 4- Going Bohemian

It was a Street Style Coffee Date and I wanted to dress fun so I decided to layer my anarkali with a mustard skirt, blue slip on heels, teal green bucket bag and a big silver choker.

Day 5- Desi French

By the 5th day my creativity reached its heights (or so I like to believe) as I paired my anarkali with a frilly polka dot blouse with a front knot, red tasseled sandals, red mini bag and black cat eye sunglasses.

Things I learnt and unlearnt from this Style Challenge:

  1. Basic clothing goes a long way.
  2. Style is beyond “Western, Indian or Indo- Western” Wear.
  3. Any piece of clothing can be turned into a masterpiece. Balance is the key!
  4. Not too many things are needed to be fashionable or stylish.
  5. Accessories can make or break any look.


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