Jewels and Junk, from Paharganj

If I am ever reported missing, the first place the authorities and my parents should rush to is Paharganj. I will most probably be found in a dingy cafe with good Wi-Fi, sipping Cold Coffee and hogging on a good form of potatoes. I have even lived in this part of the city for more than two years With these credentials, I confidently call myself an expert of Paharganj. I have bought and experienced everything that the place has to offer- bags, jewelry, decor goods, shoes, and food.

With this background of expertise and fondness, I am sharing six of my favorite jewelry shops in Paharganj’s Main Bazaar, along with a lookbook of the Jewelry I bought from these shops.

  1. Guru Handicraft Emporium: The shop is the IT girl of the entire market. They sell from vintage necklaces, trendy jewelry to pieces like silver nose clip-ons that you won’t find anywhere in the city.DSC_0241-01-min

I got a Ganesha embossed Nose Clip-On. It is your best bet If you’re too scared of making the lifelong commitment of piercing your nose, priced at INR 100.PicsArt_05-07-04.10.56

  1. Neha Emporium: This shop sells jewelry and home decor goods. They have a small kiosk outside. If you approach the guy near the kiosk for the price of that trinket you liked, he will direct you inside. Editorial Advertising, we believe.DSC_0175-1-01-min

We got ourselves the not so easily available Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz Pendants at INR 100 each.PicsArt_05-07-04.26.47

  1. Kailash International: This shop is rather strange because their sign is not right above but at the adjacent store, which they own as well. You can find necklaces you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Apart from that, they also are taking forward the old Indian obsession of matching necklace and earrings, as the necklaces you like here may also have similar earrings for you to buy.DSC_0220-01-min

I bought a choker which I haven’t seen elsewhere before. With its limp yet fresh grape looking beads, I call it the Poisoned Grapes Necklace. PicsArt_05-07-04.15.12

  1. Sri Krsna Export: Like it’s millennial wordplay on Krishna, this place also put a spin on their jewelry with its very-vintagey-but-would-be-in-sync earrings with your basics. The earrings don’t stand out much and look like they’re a part of your personality- so effortless.DSC_0241-01-min

I bought two pairs of earrings which look like all that I said above. They were priced at INR 60 each.PicsArt_05-07-04.13.14

  1. Khyati Art and Craft: This small shop is where you can find the distant cousins of the coin necklace you have been seeing everywhere. You can buy any of these at justified prices without looking like every second person who owns junk jewelry. They also have enamel painted earrings which are being passed off as genuine Afghan earrings, beautiful mirrors, and beaded jewelry.DSC_0231-01-min

I bought one of the coin necklaces at INR 250.PicsArt_05-07-04.14.35

6. Art and Antique: It is as artsy as it gets in this shop of Paharganj. They store very little jewelry as they concentrate on making decorative tiles in all sizes. However with the little jewelry they have, they have been able to do lot with it- tastefully done oxidized jewelry in shapes like lock and key, french fries and burger, and seemingly vintage braceletsDSC_0227-01-min

I got a very-out-there bracelet at INR 100.


Modeled by Tanya Dubey

Store Images by Jagmeet Singh

Lookbook shot and Conceptualized by Aliya

Words by Aliya

How to reach Paharganj: The nearest Metro station is RK Ashram Marg. The main Bazaar is exactly a three-minute walk if you follow the directions given at the metro station.

Or take an Auto from Connaught Place. It is not more than 3km away depending on your location.

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