Street Style Delhi: The Red Blazer & Mehak

Street Fashion Story: Mehak

“Style is as discrete as you are yourself, something that compliments YOU”, Mehak puts forth the meaning of style in one simple sentence. Her red blazer reminded us of those that you hear or see in fairy tales. The one here too not surprisingly, had one too.

Meet Mehak, an interior designer. She says that both fashion and interior design, as fields, have derived inspiration from each other for the longest time.

“My sister bought this blazer when I was eighteen years old. I am twenty eight, so it is ten years old.”

There’s something genius about doing more with less and that’s something that has met our eye time and again. When we spotted Mehak, in a blazer in the shade of red that’s too good to be true, we knew that she was well aware of the fact that it was the blue-eyed boy of her look. It is generally the self-awareness about one’s style that makes us approach them.

We struck a conversation with Mehak then and there. We spoke about style, how she is experimental and her childhood.

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“As a kid mom dressed me in pretty frocks that she would freshly stitch herself almost before every party, she still does. I always had an appreciation for vintage, from my mom’s silk to my dad’s collection of furniture. I did pass from a phase of luxury shopping, eventually appreciating the style of the streets and the quality of boutique stores”, Mehak smilingly shares with us.

We see where the whole concept of fashion x interior design comes from for Mehak. Her ability to play with solid colors is one of her strong points. She further enumerates what she likes to wear, “I love to wear contrasts with pops of colors, that’s a style I even prefer with interior design.”

Mehak shares one style secret which is probably something of a tradition between siblings in India, “I have been blessed with many sisters, and as kids we used to exchange clothes and accessories we got bored of. In fact, this red blazer is from one of my sister’s wardrobe.”

The red blazer which looked right out of a story had one which we could easily visualize too – sisters going through each others’ wardrobes and bartering a coat with a pair of shoes or even a pair of earrings.

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