Shopping in Delhi: Ballimaran

Shopping in Delhi: Ballimaran

There are far more associations I have with this city than with real living people. But to me honestly, Delhi is nothing but a series of constellations – each time I look,  I am equally, if not more bewildered.

Coming to this story, when I was a really little girl, I was told by an optometrist, I should be wearing glasses, and that too very thick ones( specs-wearers get me).  It almost became a thing, my father would get me prescription glasses from Ballimaran every year. Until I grew up and I quite didn’t agree to embrace my father’s choices. I never thought of going to Ballimaran, until my cousin who lives in Old Delhi, agreed to zip line me across the streets of Old Delhi and eventually Ballimaran, when my specs broke. My new glasses were resting on my nose bridge in less than 30 mins. That was five years ago.

Very recently I made my way to Ballimaran to get glasses made, because of the reasons listed below. Also,  these are the same reasons why you should go to Ballimaran for all your sunglasses and prescription glasses needs/ wants-

1. You can get prescription glasses – The reason why this reason sits at the top of the list is the prime reason why Ballimaran is the IT place for prescription glasses. You get all the variety that you won’t find, even online. You get those prescription glasses at a price you won’t find anywhere. I got a vintage frame at a throwaway price of INR 400. And if you’re not too concerned about the brand of eyeglasses, you can get them fitted at INR 300


2. The shop owners can help you get “stuff” you cannot find anywhere else – I had been lusting at a pair of sunglasses, that I saw on one photography blog but I am too un-fancy to order from an international site. I showed the photo to a shop owner and he promised me to get these in two-three weeks, and he did.  These are the glasses that Anmol is wearing and how.


3. You GET stuff that you won’t find anywhere in Delhi- The street markets of Delhi do offer some sort of variety. You get everything that is “trendy”. But the shades at Ballimaran are something else. Once, Shrishti, showed me a pair of white cat eyes and if you’re anything like us( Hello, we keep up with fashion), you’d know that you cannot find white cat eyes on the streets. So I found a white pair of cat eyes that screamed Shrishti.

4.  Because Ballimaran offers you more than sunglasses- It offers you Old Delhi.  There’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit and revisit Old Delhi. In Ballimaran, you find the house of one of Urdu’s greatest poets, Ghalib and Daulat ki Chaat, if you make your way in this cold and callous weather.

How to get there – Take the Yellow line of Delhi Metro, get off at Chawri Bazaar Metro Station and take a rickshaw.

Editorial features : Vlogger Anmol(, Karan and our in housemates Aalok & Shrishti.

Shot on the streets of Ballimaran.


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