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You know the feeling when you see someone on the street making a basic tee and jeans look so good that it makes you think what am I even doing with my style?  Katyayani can do the same to you.

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“My style is minimal. My clothing largely focuses on being minimal and effortless. That’s why I don’t wear bold colors. Bold and Statement jewelry isn’t my style. I like how one can add bits & pieces and create an outfit.” Katyayani doesn’t mince her words when asked about her style.

When we had first conceived of this series, the first person to come to our minds was Katyayani, a then 16-year-old teenager we had interviewed for our site Street Style Delhi, and a now 18-year-old student of philosophy whose sartorial choices can make you put into perspective the entire experimental and moody definition of style. “My style has matured. All that counts is exposure and knowledge. When I had started exploring my style, I relied mostly on my sister and didn’t have a voice. Now I see bloggers, bands, celebrities and old photos and that has made me have opinions about fashion.”, says Katyayani.

katya 2-min

Her sister is omnipresent in our conversations about style and fashion – two years back and even today. She says, “When I was small, maybe around 10-12 years old, my sister, Prachi Singh, and I would stay up late and she would tell me about various trends and designers while I didn’t understand a thing. And when I got a little interested in fashion, she would style me.  She made me try a lot of combinations before we finally decided an outfit.”

“It’s my sister, all that I wear and everything on my Instagram.  I would have to credit our mother too, who has been an influence sartorially. When she was young, she would wear peter pan collared shirts and loose trousers.”, Katyayani adds.

Her mom who has been a tall presence in her life as a fashion inspiration has always encouraged her to have a sartorial voice, “I remember when I was small, I would come back from school and my mother would have my outfit kept very neatly on the bed. I’d sometimes spin-off and say I am going to wear whatever I want to. My sisters would make fun of what I’d wear but my mom told me that it’s alright and I’ll learn. My mother also taught me how to recognize a fabric through touch.”

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Her process of picking up clothes and styling them may be random when she was small but now she sub consciously adheres to one, “The styling begins from the moment I eye an item. I see if it’s to my liking and how it would look with other items. For example, if there’s a top, I imagine how it would look with a vintage Levi’s or a suede mini skirt. I imagine the various accessories I’d like to put with it. It’s almost like a picture is being painted in my mind.”

katya 6 (v2)-min

Katyayani’s true to her words in the outfits she chose for this feature and every outfit has a story. In this interview,  the three outfits she decided to wear were –

Outfit 1: This is what Katyayani calls her uniform. What she usually wears on an everyday basis when she has to attend classes. In her own words, “It’s inspired by BTS, a South Korean band’s airport style. Nothing can go wrong with all black ever.”

katya 9 (v2)-min

Outfit 2: The outfit reiterates whatever she said about her style. It’s classic and can make necks break. The denim is a vintage Levi’s which is more than twenty years old.  It once belonged to her aunt. The pinstriped shirt, gold hoops, and denim is something she won’t mind wearing every day.

katya 7-min

Outfit 3: It’s her very personal take on the trend of ruffles. Her take is true to her personal style; minimal and distinctive.

katya 3-min


A:  Millennial Pink?

K:  Pretty and pink. I have a slip dress in this color.

A: Fashion Item/  Trend from the early 2000s you wish comes back?

K: Well tailored corduroy pants. Cargo pants shouldn’t come back.

A: Favorite Genre of Books/movies?

K: Horror. I love Stephen King.

A: One skill you wish you had?

K: I cannot draw. I really wish I could.

A: One thing that’s missing in the high street?

K: Good floral prints

A: Favorite place in Delhi?

K: My college campus.

A: Favorite Movie?

K: The Help.

A: The best way to detox?

K: Music and of course fashion

A: Read a book or party?

K: Read a book. Currently reading The God of Small Things, again.

katya 4 (v2)-min

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